Beginning knitters will enjoy these inexpensive, easy to knit projects. A great way to develop basic skills and knowledge.

A bit more challenging, but do-able. My patterns, diagrams & videos will help you while you tackle "Soft Toy" projects.

A collection of easy, inexpensive "Do-It-Yourself" projects for the beginning knitter. From finger knitting to beautiful scarves.

Knitting outfits for your own handknit dolls is fun and easy …and when you finish you’ll have something to play with for hours.


"My Easy" is a collection of my favorite knitting projects for beginning and intermediate knitters.

While I plan to include tutorials on some topics, I suggest using the immense library of “knitting-knowledge” available on “YouTube” for basic to advanced “How To” and “DIY” instruction. Now that I am retired, I am happy to have the opportunity to share some of the things I have learned over the years. I hope we can learn something from each other and have some fun doing it !

Recent global events have made it practically impossible to continue selling my knit goods at Craft Fairs and other retail outlets. So, I have been devoting my time designing original knits with original patterns with the express purpose of providing beginning knitters with small, easy to make, inexpensive projects.

The main purpose of this website, outside of having a lot of fun, is to provide a resource for beginning knitters. The site also lets friends and family know what I am up to !

Hi, my name is Jann. I started knitting over fifty years ago when I was a freshman in college. I knew nothing about knitting, but I wanted to learn. This was before “YouTube” so if you wanted to learn how to do something you had to read books, unless, you could find someone to “show you how”. While I did learn a lot from friends and relatives over the years I mostly taught myself.


Happy Knitting !


Attention: Beginning Knitters …

Easy Knits has your back …

Attention: Beginning Knitters …

Welcome to “My Easy Knits”

… and your WS ( WrongSide ...)

… and your RS ( RightSide ...)

… and your Front !

Frequently Answered Questions

Thanks !, Jann

Contact me with your questions and I will answer you directly or post and answer them here.

What “retail websites specializing in knitting patterns” are you using to display your products. I couldn’t find a link.

I am hopeful my knitting patterns will be available on three top retail knitting websites very soon. Stay tuned !

Most Recent Answer

Most Recent Question

My patterns use US and UK measurements. Usually the US measurements are the default followed by the UK metric equivalent in parentheses.

Do your patterns use US or UK measurements ? I don’t understand the metric system as much as the US use of inches, feet and yards.

Each pattern comes with; Materials, Abbreviations, Pictures, Diagrams and Row by Row instructions. I like your idea of a “sample pattern” ! … Stay Tuned !

What do your patterns look like ? Do they have pictures and / or diagrams ? Do you have a sample to see before I download a pattern?

Unfortunately, the PDF format is the preferred format of most knitting pattern sites where my patterns can be downloaded. No eMailed patterns, sorry !

I see that your patterns will be available in PDF format. Are they available in any other format ? Can I get them eMailed to me?

You can sell products made from my patterns. As far as sharing them with your friends in your club you have to decide if that is in the “spirit” of things!

Can I sell the things I knit from your patterns ? What about sharing your patterns with friends in my knitting club ?

While there are some patterns like the stuffed animals that require a bit more experience in shaping, my patterns require mostly beginning knitter skills.

I’ve been knitting for about a year now. Am I going to be able to knit the projects you have on your website ?

There are no patterns to download from this site “Free” or otherwise. My patterns are available on websites that specialize in knitting patterns.

I would love to download a few of your patterns. First, are they “Free” and second, if they are not free, where do I go to purchase them ?

Original Knitted Outfits for

Original Knitted Outfits for